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"Words can not begin to express how grateful we are for all the love and care provided at Montclair Villa during the four years our mom, Ruth was with you. She enjoyed everything at Montclair Villa. She loved the great food, participating in activities, taking field trips, and watching the garden grow. She adored Bobbi, and felt she was part of the family. You had a lot to do with her becoming so positive, along with improving the quality of her life. We never had to worry a day about her care.
Bobbi, you are a true professional and an angel! Even during our mom's final hours, Bobbi and Ted were there to help with her needs, and most important, provided unselfish love and comfort. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!

With warm affection and love,""
- Marty and Debbie
"In July of 2002 I interviewed and inspected a Board and Care home managed by Bobbi Stefan. I was immediately impressed by her friendliness yet business-like manner. After placing my father in her care, I was so very pleased with her personal feelings for him and her other "boarders". She is very caring, pleasant and concerned for all she cares for. Her home and rooms were very clean and the meals good and nutritious. When Bobbi opened her own Board and Care home, my father had the good fortune to go to her new home for his last year and a half. I definitely would recommend her to anyone who needs this type of service. My father has been gone for 4 years now, but Bobbi and I have remained friends, and see each other often.""
- Marlene Norton
"Ileana (Bobbi) Stefan took wonderful care of my mother from March 2002 until she passed away in November 2007. Initially, Bobbi cared for mom while working at another residential care facility. When she quit and opened Montclair Villa, mom along with 3 other residences moved too. It wasn’t that care facility but the loving care Bobbi provided that we all wanted. I have never seen another care facility, whether it be large or small, that provides the quality of care that Montclair Villa does. As my mother’s health grew worse and she required a greater level of care she wasn’t turned away but instead got the best care she could possibly get. I truly believe Bobbi is an angle God sent down to care for our elderly. I feel blessed to have found Montclair Villa.""
- Carole
"We feel it's about time we wrote a testimonial to the special care you give to our Mom, Alice Packard. Alice was diagnosed with Dementia a few years ago. When we discovered we could no longer care properly for Alice/Mom we looked long and hard for the right place for her to live. We decided that the care given in a residential home was best and proper for her. We visited many before deciding on your home. We were looking for a home that offers a loving, caring, understanding, always positive atmosphere. We had visited so many homes that did not truly care. Upon entering your home and meeting you and your staff it was immediately apparent that YOU CARE and that you understand what the dementia patient needs and are willing to always provide that special care. When we visit Alice/Mom she always seems "at home". She's always smiling, cheerful and healthy. Let me state a few of the items that we feel set Montclair Villa and you above other residential homes:

You immediately wanted and did take the major role in Alice's health care. You take her to medical appointments and interact extremely well with her doctor to insure she maintains good health, monitor medications and proper treatments.
You have a regular socialization program. Mom so enjoys her Bunco and other games with the other ladies at your facility with the program director.
You ensure Mom is eating healthy meals daily with snacks. You also ensure her hydration is maintained. Thank you!
Mom is always clean, well dressed and groomed.
You keep us informed of all of Mom's care and any special needs or problems that arise. Although, no problems have arisen, you have seen that she has access to and receives all necessary special medical equipment including a hospital bed and oxygen tanks.
You and your staff are so attentive to all the ladies living with you. I always witness loving care given to all, it shows in the smiles and comfort in their faces during your interactions.
- Kathy Packard
"You allowed us to bring some of Moms furniture and pictures into your home - which bring her comfort and joy.
Your facility will take care of Mom for the rest of her life. We appreciate that your facility offers all levels of care for dementia/Alzheimer's patients up to and including hospice care.
Last but not least - you have Ynes the cat. Mom has always been an animal lover and she interacts with your cat so well. We know it comforts her to have a pet and helps to make your home her home!
Over the last year we have seen a considerable cross-section of the care you give to all the residents at Montclair Villa and we are very impressed and grateful. We have so appreciated the attention to detail for each of the residents, whether it is their food, medication, their general happiness or their general care and surroundings. Your ability to cope with the differing and individual behavior patterns of those in your care is nothing short of remarkable. We cannot tell you how much it means to all in our family to know that Alice finds herself in a truly pleasant and kind environment with such good care. "
- Kathy Packard
I want to thank you for everything you have done for my mom while you have taken over for Bobbie and Ted. It takes a special person to dedicate themselves to helping others. Your job has such an impact on the ladies in your care and their loved ones. Your simple acts of kindness… flowers, balloons… all meant so much to my mom and I.
God bless,"
- Kathy
We feel so blessed someone as caring as you are to take care of Bob’s aunt. Your are someone who is filled with the essence of Christmas every day of the year, and all your residents benefit greatly from the loving care you provide for them.
God bless you and your family every day of the year,"
- Bob and Ruth Heisen
"Bobbi and Ted,
I want to thank you gain for loving my mom and me. I know it was very difficult in the beginning for you. Mom was not easy, but you both saw that mom needed you, God put it on your heart to keep trying and to love her and protect her under your care. If she had left Montclair Villa she would have not lived and because she stayed… she lived. You gave me so many precious memories and moments with my mom that will forever be in my heart. I love you both and will forever be grateful to you.
God bless,"
- Kathy A.
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